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Samantha Chang flutist


Welcome! Hope you enjoy your visit ~

Canadian Flute Convention

Thank you to everyone who attended the first Canadian Flute Convention. It was touching to see how many flutists from Canada and abroad took a leap of faith in supporting the first national conference. 

As many flute organizations worldwide can attest, every convention and conference is a learning experience. Not one of these conventions are perfect, there are always numerous hitches and unexpected surprises.

What made this Canadian convention successful in my books is the genuine support of those in our community. We recognize the extraordinary investment of all of our performers, presenters, and exhibitors, whom individually are all incredibly busy flutists, but decided that their support and belief in the Canadian flute community was enough to alter their schedule to attend this weekend of festivities. We thank the outstanding amount of attendees who came without any prior knowledge or reviews of what a Canadian flute convention may be like, and we thank them for their understanding when little hiccups happen. Finally, we are grateful to our team of volunteers who probably never had to work so hard in their lives which such long working hours!

Now that the first convention has concluded, this is a great opportunity for us to reflect and determine what may be done in the future to create a better environment for both performers and listeners alike. We are excited that we now have the chance to correct and better ourselves before the next convention.

All in all, the atmosphere at the first Canadian Flute Convention was cordial and cooperative. There were many reunions of lost friends and colleagues, and even more meeting of new friends and the making of lifelong memories. 

On behalf of the Canadian Flute Convention, I would like to thank everyone who was a part of this historical event. I look forward to reuniting with you all in 2015. Thank you all for your understanding as we learn about what it takes to create a successful national convention. For those of all who could not attend this year, I look forward to meeting you in the future!

With warmest wishes,

Samantha Chang
Convention Director

Canadian Flute Convention